Variable Rate Irrigation and other Technology

Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) is a significant development in irrigation technology.

It allows you to change the amount of water applied to different parts of your farm with a high degree of precision. Areas with varying soil type, slope and aspect can receive different depths of irrigation, according to your plant requirements.

At the same time, other areas – such as tracks, troughs and water courses – can receive no water at all, if that’s what you wish. You can also water different crops in different paddocks with different amounts of water. This technology, which was originally developed for pivots in New Zealand, is now sold as a market leader worldwide. We are able to fit this technology on new pivots and retrospectively on existing pivots. Furthermore, the VRI concept is achieved with G-Set’s that offer you control over the time each sprinkler runs.

Growsmart VRI
Variable irrigator on uneven terrain