Zimmatic Centre Pivots, Corner Arms and Laterals

Pivots offer a high efficiency, low running cost and low labour system of irrigating.

Zimmatic centre pivots are capable of climbing 30% slopes, thanks to an exclusive uni-knuckle span connection and span pipes with 10% thicker walls. This can save you money by not having to carry out earthworks. There are a variety of length spans, tower heights and span diameters that can be used in diverse situations.

Zimmatic centre pivots can be fitted with a precision corner system, drop spans, and field plus articulation which enables the pivot to bend around immovable objects. Corner arms and laterals are fitted with GPS guidance systems.

All our pivots are fitted with the top of the line Boss panels which integrate with the many technological options. There are a variety different types of nozzles available for your individual situation.

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Zimmatic pivot arm